About This Course

The Course covers the use of angle grinders, cut of saws and mounted bench saws, covering abrasive wheel safety and the understanding of mounting techniques.


- All relevant Health & Safety Laws and Regulations 
- Responsibilities of employees and their employers 
- The safe inspection of the equipment, what to look for and how to look for it 
- Being aware of Hand Arm Vibration - how to reduce the risks 
- Conducting a Risk Assessment the right way 
- How to operate the equipment safely 
- The correct storing of equipment.  
- The importance of keeping your equipment in good order with regular maintenance.  
- Keeping yourself properly protected - the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) 
- Practical 
- Test paper, questions and review

Course Information

Course Length: 1/2 day 

Candidates per course: Maximum 12 

Minimum Age: 16

Validity: 5 years 

Required equipment: N/A

Experience required: N/A

You will receive an in house certificate