In-house (non accredited)

This course covers both the theoretical and practical implications of cable detection. The course is essential for delegates who work on construction sites, on the highway or industrial sites. 

Covering how to identify and detect underground utilities, reasons why cable detection is needed, hazards that can occur, implications of bad practice, inspection technique and safe working practices. 

This course Covers ECAT and GCAT

We can arrange for the trainer to come to your site or alternatively you can visit a training centre.


Course Length:1/2 day 

Candidates per course:  6

NPORS (Accredited) 

Aim Of NPORS Cat & Genny Training

Cable Avoidance and Service Location training is designed for any person working on the roads, setting out before a build, surveying and any other person excavating an area where pipes or cables may be buried underground.

The course will cover 

  • Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, and other relevant.

  • Cover all aspects of HSG47

  • legislation and guidelines.

  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulation.

  • Manual Handling Regulation.

  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulation

  • The function and operation of all controls of the cable avoidance tool (CAT).

  • The function and operation of all controls of the signal generator (GENNY).

  • Correct use in Power, Radio and generator mode(dependent on type there may be other modes)

  • Testing, Inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Correct search procedure, pinpointing and tracing the service. 

Course Length:1 day 

Candidates per course:  Max 6