NRSWA Signing, Light and Guarding - Unit 2/10

This Signing, Light and Guarding course is designed for Operatives and Supervisors who work on the highway (including mobile works)  examples are (not limited to):


  • Drainage (gully sucking activities)

  • Tree / hedge trimming

  • Verge maintenance

  • Barrier support staff

  • those who have to erect or monitor the erection of signing, lighting and guarding for work on the roadways and highways.

The aim of this course is to provide Operatives (unit 2) and Supervisors  (Unit 10) with the skills and knowledge to carry out their role effectively when setting up and maintaining signing, lighting and guarding to the standards prescribed by the New Roads and Street Works Act. 


 Course Content


  • Legislative requirements  which includes requirements of New Roads and Street Works Act.

  • Basic principles of signing, lighting and guarding.

  • Traffic control measures.

  • Practical use of the Code of Practice.

  • Portable traffic lights.

  • Practical use of equipment.


At the end of the course, candidates will be able to :

• Carry out an on-site risk assessment to identify hazards and risks with 

   the intended site.
• State the action required to minimise risk and ensure a safe system of 

• Produce a plan of an intended site showing the position of signs,

  guarding and traffic signals.  (The plan must include all relevant 

  distances, sizes and dimensions required) .
• Produce a list of equipment for the intended site.
• Demonstrate the sequence of setting out the advance signing, safety 

  zones and pedestrian walkways.
• The positioning, and setting up of temporary traffic signals.

• Conduct the activities safely wearing the appropriate safety wear.
• Provide sufficient knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions

Single Unit Courses

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