About This Course

1A - Static Vertical - This category covers the smaller vertical access platforms. In operation, they are moved into the correct position and the stabilizer arms are then deployed fixing the position of the machine. Only then can the platform be safely elevated.

1B - Static boom - This category covers Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), which are fixed in position before the elevating boom can be used. This includes lorry mounted, van mounted and trailer push around.

3A - Mobile vertical - 2 previous classifications that are now included in this category are Scissor Lifts (SL) and Mobile Vertical Personnel Platforms (VPP)

3B - Mobile boom - Mobile boom machines come in two main varieties, Telescopic Booms and Articulating Booms. Known previously as Self Propelled Booms.

Course Information

Course Length: 1 day

Candidates per course: Maximum 4

Validity: 5 Years 

Minimum Age: 16

Required equipment: Hard hat, protective footwear, gloves, hi viz, correct Harness and Lanyard (for practical)

Experience required: N/A

You can take up to 3 categories. The price will increase as categories are added. 

All courses will be carried out at an accredited IPAF training centre and by a IPAF accredited instructor.