Training courses are not only important to keep employee’s safe, but as an employer you can sleep easy knowing your workforce are working safely and productively. Health and safety on site is everyone’s responsibility. Being aware of the legislation and hazards covered in most courses allows you to look after yourself, as well as the people you work alongside. 

The ultimate responsibility for health and safety in the business lies with the managing director, but all employees are responsible for taking care of their own health and safety and that of the people they work with. Reporting any hazards or practices that are not correct, using your own knowledge of your environment. Developing a positive health and safety culture can play a huge part in the prevention of accidents. There are training courses designed to fit your specific role within the construction industry. Whether you are the Director, Site Manager, a Supervisor, contractor, labourer, both on site and in an office environment.


Training is often sacrificed due to the initial financial outlay, by both employers or self-employed contractors. It needs to be looked at as a long-term investment for both the individual being trained and the company they work for.

Large construction sites stipulate the certifications you have to have to work with them and by not having the correct certificates you could miss out on contracts with such companies.

Small companies who do not insist that you have certificates leave themselves open for prosecution, in the event of an accident happening. Trained individuals are more likely to be aware of hazards and have a better ideas of safe working practices.

Employers - The initial investment could be the best money you have ever spent in the event of an accident. The costs that could follow far outweigh the initial outlay.


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