About This Course

This course is ideal for higher or advanced level hazards (e.g. construction, manufacturing or chemical plants) or where your needs assessment identifies a requirement to provide additional training, covering a broad syllabus including the recognition and treatment of a wider range of conditions.

In addition to the topics covered on an emergency first aid at work course, on completion of training, successful delegates will be able to administer first aid to a casualty with:

  • Injuries to bones, muscles and joints, including suspected spinal injuries

  • Chest Injuries

  • Eye Injuries

  • Sudden Poisoning

  • Anaphylactic Shock.

  • Recognise the presence of major illnesses and provide appropriate first aid (including heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes.)

  • Course Review

Course Information

Course Length: 3 day 

Candidates per course: maximum 12 

Minimum Age: 16

Validity: 3 years

 Required equipment: N/A

Experience required: N/A