Face Fit Train the tester

Qualitative Face Fitting and train the tester

There are many ways of preventing and limiting the amount of dust on your site:

*Using pre prepared materials

*Rotating jobs regularly throughout the day.

*Limiting the amount of people working near you when cutting

*Enclosing work spaces

*Water suppression

*On tool extraction

Even if you are considering all of the above limiting methods, it is important to wear respiratory protective equipment that fits appropriately.

We can help by providing Qualitative Face Fitting for your employees. We can arrange a Fit 2 Fit tester to come to your office or site to carry out the face fit tests.

If you would like to train someone in your workforce to carry out the fittings, we also offer this. Train the tester courses can be carried out both at a training centre or on your site.

We will provide both fittings and train the tester courses for both small and large groups.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Trained.

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